How to Pay Your Rego Renewal in Victoria | A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Pay Your Rego Renewal in Victoria

Renewing and paying for your vehicle registration (rego) in Victoria is a crucial task for every vehicle owner. This guide is dedicated to helping you understand and navigate the process easily, ensuring that your vehicle remains legally registered and roadworthy. Whether you’re in the bustling city of Melbourne or anywhere else in VIC, here’s what you need to know.

Understanding Rego Renewal in Victoria

Rego renewal in Victoria is essential to ensure your vehicle is compliant with safety standards and covered by compulsory third-party insurance. Let’s break down the steps and options available for both renewal and payment.

What You Need to Renew Your Rego

Before you start the renewal process, make sure you have the following information handy:

  • Your registration (rego) number
  • The renewal notice sent by VicRoads (if you haven’t received this, you can still proceed with your renewal online)
  • A current certificate of roadworthiness if required
  • Payment details for the renewal fee

Preparing to Renew Your Rego

Before you begin the renewal process, ensure you have the following:

  • Your rego number.
  • The renewal notice from VicRoads.
  • A valid certificate of roadworthiness if required.
  • Your preferred payment details ready.

Renewing Your Rego

Online Renewal

Paying your rego online in VIC is convenient and straightforward:

  • Head to the VicRoads website and find the ‘Pay Your Rego’ section.
  • Input your rego and the renewal notice number.
  • Review your renewal details and confirm.
  • Select your payment method to finalize the transaction.

In-Person Renewal

Prefer the in-person approach? Visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre or a participating post office with:

  1. Your renewal notice.
  2. Payment method (cash, card, cheque).

Mail Renewal

Alternatively, mail your completed renewal notice and payment (cheque or money order) to VicRoads’ provided address.

Paying Your Rego

When it comes to payment, VicRoads offers flexibility:

  • Credit or Debit Cards: Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
  • BPAY: Convenient for those who prefer online banking.
  • Cheque or Money Order: Mail in your payment with your renewal notice.
  • Cash Payments: Available if you’re paying in person at VicRoads or a post office.

Direct Debit Option

For an even smoother process, consider setting up a direct debit with VicRoads. This way, your rego payment will be automatically taken care of, ensuring you’re never late on your renewal.

Checking Your Rego Status in Victoria

Stay informed about your rego status by using the ‘Check Registration Status’ feature on the VicRoads website. It’s a quick way to verify your vehicle’s registration details, especially useful for monitoring your renewal or checking a vehicle’s rego before purchase.


Paying and renewing your rego in Victoria is straightforward with the right information and preparation. Whether you opt for online, in-person, or mail renewal, the key is to keep your vehicle compliant and ensure continuous coverage under compulsory third-party insurance. By following these steps, you can navigate the process in Melbourne or anywhere in VIC with confidence.

Remember, maintaining an active rego is not just about adhering to legal requirements; it’s about ensuring your safety and the safety of all road users. We hope this guide has made the rego renewal and payment process clearer and more manageable.

Safe travels on the roads of Victoria!

FAQs on Paying and Renewing Rego in VIC

What happens if I pay my rego late in VIC?

If you pay your rego late in Victoria, you may incur late fees, and your vehicle will be considered unregistered until payment and renewal are processed. Driving an unregistered vehicle is illegal and can result in fines or penalties.

Can you pay 6 months rego in VIC?

Yes, you can opt to pay your rego for 6 months in Victoria if your vehicle is eligible. This option provides flexibility for vehicle owners looking for a shorter renewal period.

Can I pay 3 months rego in VIC?

As of my last update, Victoria does not offer a 3-month rego payment option. The available terms are usually 6 or 12 months. It’s best to check with VicRoads for any recent changes or updates.

Can I pay my rego in installments in VIC?

VicRoads does not typically offer an installment payment option for rego renewal. Payment is required in full either for 6 or 12 months. However, for financial assistance or payment plans, it’s advisable to contact VicRoads directly.

How long do I have to pay my rego in VIC?

You should renew your rego by the expiry date listed on your renewal notice. Victoria does not offer a grace period for rego renewal, so it’s important to renew on time to avoid driving an unregistered vehicle.

Can companies pay VicRoads 6 monthly rego?

Yes, companies can opt to pay rego every 6 months in Victoria, provided the vehicles are eligible for this option. This can be a convenient way for businesses to manage their vehicle registrations.

Can I pay VIC rego with ZipPay?

VicRoads does not directly accept ZipPay for rego payments. Payment methods typically include credit or debit card, BPAY, cheque, or money order. For alternative payment solutions, consider transferring funds from ZipPay to your bank account first.

How long after rego expires can I renew in VIC?

You can renew your rego after it expires, but it’s important to note that your vehicle will be unregistered until the renewal is processed. It’s illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle. Renew as soon as possible to avoid penalties.

Do you need a roadworthy to renew rego in VIC?

A roadworthy certificate is not needed for most rego renewals. However, if your vehicle has been flagged for inspection or if you’re re-registering a vehicle, a current roadworthy certificate will be required.

How to renew rego in VIC?

Renew your rego online via the VicRoads website, in person at a VicRoads office or participating Australia Post office, or by mail. Ensure you have your rego number, renewal notice, and payment method ready.

Is there a penalty for driving with expired rego in VIC?

Yes, driving with an expired rego is illegal in Victoria and can result in fines and penalties. It’s crucial to renew your rego before the expiry date.

Can I check my rego status online in VIC?

Yes, you can check your rego status online through the VicRoads website by entering your vehicle’s registration number.

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