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Melbourne Cash for Carz is the leading scrap car buyers, offering free towing and instant payments for all vehicles.

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    Our Scrap Car Buyers Melbourne Gives More Than Expected

    Got an old scrap car taking up space in your driveway? Don’t even think about ditching it the old-fashioned way, as it might cost you!

    Here at Melbourne Cash for Carz, we remove your scrap car for free and pay you for it. That’s right; even the scrappiest lemon has value for us. So, before you pay a heavy cost for towing or waste time draining fluids, give us a call.

    Turning that second hand car into cash is easier with your reliable car buyer in Melbourne than flipping pancakes on a Sunday morning. So why not contact Victoria’s car salvage specialists to get it removed today?

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    scrap car buyers in Melbourne gives more than expected

    What We Offer?

    sell your scrap car to us
    • We are ready to take all cars off your hands, no matter the condition, age, make, or model.
    • You can trust us for an honest quote, a trustworthy car-selling process, and free car removal Melbourne.
    • Get instant cash for junk cars Melbourne up to $10,000 without waiting or delays.
    • We buy cars in any condition without hesitation- wrecked, broken, flooded and damaged cars.
    • We never surprise customers with hidden costs or fees- whether for towing or paperwork.

    Reliable Scrap Vehicle Buyer Melbourne – Committed To Green Recycling

    It is important to properly dispose of an ELV for your safety and well-being, your loved ones, and Mother Earth. And there are many other benefits as well.

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    Why Choose Us for Scrap Car Removal

    Eco-Friendly Disposal

    We take environmental responsibility seriously. Our scrap yard follows strict eco-friendly protocols, so your old car is dismantled and recycled in a way that minimises environmental impact. Choosing us means choosing a greener planet.

    Instant Cash Offers

    Forget waiting for your cash! We provide immediate cash offers for your scrap car, so you get paid on the spot. No delays, no fuss, just quick cash in your account.

    Free Towing Services

    No hidden fees here! We offer free towing services across Melbourne. Regardless of the condition of your used car, we’ll come to you, making the removal process as convenient as doorstep delivery.

    No Paperwork Hassles

    Overwhelmed by paperwork? Let us handle it. We manage all the necessary paperwork for the transfer and disposal of your scrap car, allowing you to relax and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

    Reliable and Trustworthy

    As a leading scrap car buyers, we pride ourselves on our reliability and trustworthiness. We’re committed to transparent practices and honest dealings to make you feel confident and satisfied with every interaction.

    What Exactly Are Scrap Cars

    What are scrap cars? They’re vehicles at the end of life, beyond repair or no longer cost-effective to maintain. Common issues include severe mechanical failures, significant accident damage, or outdated technology. When repair costs exceed the salvage car’s value or it becomes unsafe to drive, it’s time to sell. Selling your scrap car not only frees up space but also offers an unexpected payday.

    Sell Any Scrap Car in Melbourne in 3 Simple Steps

    It’s time to upgrade your car or sell your scrap car. Whatever the reason, don’t get frustrated with the stress of trade-in or private tyre kickers. Scrap car buyer Melbourne doesn’t need you to spend money on repairs or get the roadworthy certificate to sell.

    Here’s how our simple process works:

    Get in touch with us today, and let our professionals (real people and not bots) assist you in providing the best cash for your car.

    Which Documents You Need to Remove My Scrap Car

    Removing your scrap car is easy, but there are a couple of documents you’ll need to have on hand. These documents help us offer a smooth transaction and verify vehicle ownership.

    First, we’ll need your car’s registration number. This helps us identify the vehicle and arrange for towing. Don’t worry if your car isn’t registered, as we also accept unregistered vehicles. Our goal is to remove unwanted cars and give them a new life through responsible recycling, regardless of their registration status.

    The second document you’ll need is proof of ownership. This can be the vehicle registration document itself or your valid driver’s license. Having proof of ownership helps in a smooth handover and allows us to finalize the paperwork to buy your scrap car.

    documents need for scrap cars removal