Your Trusted Partner in Cash for Cars, Towing, and Eco-Friendly Disposal

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Your Trusted Partner in Cash for Cars, Towing, and Eco-Friendly Disposal

Our History

At MelbourneCashForCarz, we are not just in the business of buying unwanted cars; we are in the business of transforming the way you approach car selling.

Our journey began over a decade ago when our founder, Andrew Park, had a vision to revolutionise the automotive industry. Frustrated with the lack of transparent and convenient options for selling old vehicles, he embarked on a mission to change the game.

Park’s passion for automobiles and his commitment to environmental responsibility fueled the inception of MelbourneCashForCarz. An out-of-the-box business idea that can help you sell your old car without leaving your home.

Our founder envisioned a company that would not only offer top dollar for old cars but also provide a hassle-free experience that prioritises sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Over the years, MelbourneCashForCarz has evolved into Victoria’s premier destination for selling old cars. Our story is one of continuous growth, thanks to our unwavering dedication to our core principles.

Our Values

At MelbourneCashForCarz, we live and breathe our values every day:

Meet Our Founder – Andrew Park

Andrew Park, the driving force behind MelbourneCashForCarz, is not just an entrepreneur; he’s a car enthusiast with a deep-rooted passion for automobiles.

His journey began in his garage, where he tinkered with cars as a hobby. This hobby eventually became a profession when he realised the potential to make selling old cars more rewarding and environmentally friendly.

Park’s commitment to excellence and his determination to provide an alternative to the conventional car-selling method has been instrumental in shaping MelbourneCashForCarz into what it is today.

His leadership has set the tone for our company culture, emphasising trust, innovation, and sustainability.

Why Choose MelbourneCashForCarz

Why Choose MelbourneCashForCarz?

When you choose MelbourneCashForCarz, you’re choosing more than just a cash-for-cars service. You’re choosing a partner committed to making the process easy, profitable, and environmentally responsible.

We’re here to turn your old car into cash, provide free towing, and ensure that it is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Join us on our mission to redefine the way we view old cars. Experience the MelbourneCashForCarz difference today.

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