Can You Sell An Unregistered Car For Cash In Melbourne

Unregistered Car

An unregistered car is a piece of metal that takes up valuable space on a property and keeps giving you a constant headache. 

You may be surprised to know this, but selling an unregistered car in Australia is perfectly legal. However, saying that the rules can still vary in various states, as in Victoria. 

So, can you sell an unregistered car for cash in Melbourne? Yes, but there are a few technical legalities involved in the process.

Selling Your Unregistered Car Is Easier Than You Think

Whichever state you live in, it is advisable to make sure that you are not breaking any laws or rules when you sell an unregistered vehicle. 

To make it easier for a buyer and seller, we have compiled all the information you should know to sell your car registered or unregistered. 

The best news is a seller doesn’t need Rego to get rid of an unregistered vehicle. There can be multiple reasons why you have an unregistered car. But whether you are a panel beater or a private seller trying to get rid of it, Melbourne Cash for Carz can help you.

Who Can Buy An Unregistered Vehicle?

A salvage company, private buyer, or a second hand car buying company can buy unregistered cars. The best option is to sell it to an expert cash for cars Melbourne business, as you can get rid of your unregistered vehicle quickly and get paid on the spot.

How To Sell Your Unregistered Car

Get An Unregistered Vehicle Permit

Obtain a permit for unregistered vehicles if it is needed in your state before buying or selling an unregistered car. Moreover, get a CTP or Compulsory Third Party insurance to cover the car selling process.

Agree On A Purchase Price

The buyer and seller have to agree on the purchasing price. If it’s a private buyer, they may get a third-party valuation, and you might need to haggle for the price. In the case of a car buying company, they will inspect the car themselves and make an offer.

Agree On Vehicle Collection

Make an arrangement with the buyer who will pick up the car and bear its towing cost. In the case of car buyer companies, they send a tow truck for unwanted car removal and offer free towing.

Keep Proof Of Purchase

Both sellers and buyers should keep proof of purchase copies with them when selling an unregistered vehicle. That’s exactly why choosing us means you can experience the most hassle free car removal. We buy cars while taking care of all important details.

Here is what you must include in proof of purchase:

  • Sale date and time
  • Car seller’s address and name
  • Car buyer’s address and signature with name
  • Car’s details like Vehicle Identification Number/ VIN or chassis number, engine number, model, and make

You can use this receipt template if required.

Make A Safety Certificate

Making a safety certificate is important as it is an assurance that the car buyer will not use the unregistered status of your car against you in the future.

We recommend including the following information in the certificate:

  • Car’s chassis number, engine number, and VIN
  • Sale date of the unregistered car
  • Both parties signature
  • Vehicle’s model, make, and manufacturing year

Do You Require An Unregistered Vehicle Permit

All Australian states except a few ask for a proper vehicle registration to drive it. But if you still need to drive it for few times, you can get an Unregistered Vehicle Permit.

A UVP allows you to drive an unregistered car without a complete registration. However, this is only for critical and specific purposes. If you want to obtain a UVP for your car, contact VicRoads or your concerned road authority.

Please note that if you are selling privately, there might be a fee for getting a UVP. However, we provide free car collection in Victoria.

What Happens To The Number Plates?

You don’t need to inform VicRoads of an unregistered vehicle’s sale. Just cancel the registration by doing the following:

  • Remove the car number plates attached to it and return them to VicRoads
  • Cancel the registration and give a refund application if the car is currently registered

Do You Need A Roadworthy Certificate?

A roadworthy certificate is a document confirming that you can safely drive this car on Australian roads. It is also known as a safety certificate in some states.

The requirements for documents can vary in different states, so it’s better to check your state’s requirements and proceed accordingly.

Melbourne Cash for Carz is a trusted and reliable car buyer. We purchase vehicles in all conditions, whether roadworthy or not. Choose us to say goodbye to your unwanted vehicle and let go of the worry about the safety certificate. 

Want To Sell An Unregistered Car? Contact Us

If you don’t have a registered vehicle, don’t worry. We specialize in buying unregistered vehicles for cash in Melbourne and surrounding areas. We make the process incredibly simple and take care of all the legal paperwork for you.