Tips for Buying Your First Car in Melbourne

tips for buying your first car in Melbourne

Buying a vehicle is one of the biggest investments in anyone’s life. It is even more daunting if a person has never purchased a car. Significant pre-research is essential to survey the market and buy a vehicle that best suits your needs.

If you have saved a good amount to get your first car, you must study various car brands, and hybrid models they have offered over the years. Consideration of financing options is also a vital part of the car-buying process.

In this article, we will talk about the necessary tips to know when buying your first car to avoid the risk of potential scams.

You can also get assistance from professionals and car experts who can guide you better about the vehicles and the features they offer. If you reside in Melbourne, this blog can help you learn a lot about car-buying, especially if you are investing in your first car.

  1. Setting A Budget

The initial step in buying your first car is setting your budget. Looking at your budget can help you manage your savings and income. With budget allocation, you can determine whether you can afford a vehicle on cash or get it financed from a resourceful & credible organization.

Getting a car loan is a giant responsibility that involves higher interest payments which must be paid promptly. Make sure you do deep research before setting a budget and choosing an option to finance your purchase.

There are many options for people in Melbourne to manage their finances for their first car. Many car manufacturers themselves have initiated selling automobiles on flexible instalment plans.

  1. Understand The Lifetime Cost

Automobiles are not a one-time investment, as many costs are associated when purchased and used. The lifetime costs of keeping a vehicle include the following:

  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
  • Vehicle registration
  • Car insurance

It is to understand that your first car comes with expenses that are important to bear. You don’t only buy a vehicle to let it sit in your garage without using it, which adds to the costs for fuel and maintenance. Consider these costs when buying a vehicle, and budgeting must also include ideas on managing the additional costs.

  1. Private Sale Vs Dealer Vs Auction

In Melbourne, you have various options when buying your first car. The safest is purchasing a vehicle through a licensed dealer with a warranty for a specified time. Purchasing a car through a dealership can save you from scams, and you won’t end up paying more for a less-valued car.

Private sales can be risky and challenging, and so does Auction. A person selling you a vehicle privately will not even take responsibility after an hour of the sale. Therefore, you might buy an overvalued car if you are not a car expert.

  1. New Vs Secondhand Car

Melbourne has a good market for secondhand vehicles in excellent condition that many dealers and car removal companies sell at reasonable prices. If you are buying your first car and have a limited budget, you can get assistance from a renowned car removal company like us, who can help you throughout the process.

Being new on the road puts forward a higher risk of car damage and road accidents; therefore, a secondhand vehicle can be a good option to drive before you become a driving expert.

Here are some of the different reasons for new vs. secondhand cars

New Cars

  • Comes with a new car warranty
  • It can include features like improved fuel efficiency and the latest technology
  • Are more expensive
  • Depreciate quickly
  • It may attract higher car insurance premiums.

Used Cars

  • It may not come with a warranty
  • Require you to check that they’re debt-free before you buy
  • May come with unexpected problems or be more likely to need repairs
  • Can still come with great features (especially if they’re only a few years old)
  • They are usually less expensive
  • It may attract lower car insurance premiums.

A secondhand car can be a wise option if you have never driven. However, if you have already learned to drive, you can get a new vehicle as your first car if it is under your budget.

  1. Test Drive & Mechanical Inspection

You must test drive a vehicle before buying it. It can help you find out about the smoothness of the drive, and you can also evaluate any minor mechanical errors through a test drive.

If you are comfortable with the test drive, get the vehicle inspected by a professional to cross-check any mechanical errors.

  1. Understand the Type of Taxes You Need to Pay

The state governments levy different taxes, and car buyers and car owners, before buying your first car, learn about the taxes that might apply to your post-purchase.

  • Stamp Duty
  • Motor Vehicle Tax
  • Luxury Car Tax
  • Road Tax
  1. Negotiate With the Seller

Negotiations are important as they save you from paying more for a less valuable vehicle. You can get help from someone who has already gone through the car buying process to negotiate with the seller. Commonly, many first-time car buyers fall into the trap of accepting the first offer made by the seller without negotiating.

One must look around for better deals available in the market; therefore, good research is recommended before buying your first car.

  1. Find Out Car Insurance Options

If you are considering getting a new car, knowing about the car insurance options is important. Car insurance protects you from any burden of uncertainty, so a car buyer must choose a good insurance package that suits the requirement and fits your budget.

Documents You Need to Buy Your First Car in Melbourne 

Here are the essential documents to buy your first car in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Proof of Identify
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Residence
  • Pre-Approval Documents (if required)
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Bank Account Information
  • Vehicle Registration (applied when buying a secondhand vehicle)

The Bottom Line 

Learn tips on buying your first car in Melbourne and relish a safer car-buying process. And if you have an old car sitting in the garage then get cash for your cars in Melbourne by calling us today.